Finance and government

TBC has almost 10 years of experience if advising governments, industry, investors and NGOs on managing biodiversity and biodiversity offset polices.

world map businessTBC has almost 10 years of experience developing biodiversity offset policies for governments, industry, investors and NGOs. Our wide experience of real-world projects, in-depth understanding of both private sector, government and stakeholder perspectives, informs reliable biodiversity risk assessment. Based on our wide experience of real-world projects, we facilitate the development of biodiversity policy and guidance. We support cross-sector partnerships and capacity building at national and regional levels globally. TBC’s integrated approach allows us to interpret complex information and deliver clear, easily digestible advice. Examples of TBC support include advising the Government of New Zealand about its Biodiversity Offset policy development and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with a review and revision of its Performance Requirement 6.