How TBC helps business

TBC cbinocularsonsultants are ecologists who understand the business world. We have spent many years on the ground studying, managing, and monitoring biodiversity. We have now spent years working with business and so are uniquely qualified to translate our field experience into corporate risk management.

We combine scientific rigour with a deep understanding of conservation issues and stakeholders, but understand the practicalities, time frames and confidentiality of business operations.

We are proud to have helped our clients:

  • develop biodiversity policies that have marked them out as global leaders
  • mainstream biodiversity policies or standards through their operations (e.g. through pilot projects, internal guidance documentation or biodiversity action planning)Mako_SRLivingstone_014_16Aug15_Web
  • identify and avoid key non-technical risks, based on our knowledge of conservation issues and non-governmental stakeholders
  • minimise costs of biodiversity management by prioritising low-cost avoidance over costly rehabilitation and offsets
  • meet challenging international standards (e.g. IFC Performance Standard 6; EBRD Performance Requirement 6)
  • improve deliverables from larger, less-specialised consultancies in order to meet internal or regulatory requirements (e.g. improving biodiversity sections of ESIAs)
  • develop supportive relationships with non-governmental organisations to meet long-term business needs (e.g. support to rehabilitation or offset implementation)

We are proud to represent companies that aspire to be leaders in their sectors, and look forward to helping other companies receive recognition for good biodiversity management.

For information about our work with conservation organisations please see How TBC helps conservation.